Subaru car tuning

Subaru is a brand known for performance, with popular models like the Impreza, Liberty and WRX all known to be crowd-favourites. It’s also well- known for reliable family cars like the Forester and Outback. But no matter what model of Subaru you have, Tuned by Anton can optimise your vehicle for superior handling, improved response times and higher speeds and performance.

Our name in Subaru ECU and TCU tuning

Tuned by Anton is an authorised dealer for Haltech and Link Engine Management. We can install the best suitable engine control unit (ECU) and transmission control unit (TCU) into your Subaru to allow ongoing customisation and optimisation across the board. Our Subaru TCU and ECU tuning solutions are backed with features like:

  • USB connection to your laptop for control
  • Waterproof casing,
  • Drive-by-wire throttle control
  • Auto-tune capabilities
  • Anti-lag and launch control
  • ESP calibration software
  • Multi-fuel support
  • Exhaust cam and;
  • Knock control.
STI 06

Performance Tuning

We thoroughly assess your vehicle onsite at our Melbourne location using our dyno tuning system, all suited to maximise the performance of your specific vehicle. We then customise all settings depending on the vehicle and the driver’s needs to improve ignition, fuel and air supply. Enjoy better fuel economy and optimised performance that lets you achieve optimal air to fuel ration. Our Melbourne Subaru dyno tune experts are experienced and versatile, working with you to determine what you want from your car and delivering a customised experience. So, whether you want safety and reliability for the daily commute, better handling while sliding on dirt tracks or more grunt to navigate tricky terrain, we can customise settings especially for your needs. Tuned by Anton can even free you from speed limiters for those weekend race meetings. Contact us now to find out more.