MHD Authorised Custom Tuning

Experience top-tier ECU tuning with MHD Flasher, the leading Android and iOS app designed for BMW N54, N55, S55, B58, S58, S63, and N13 engines. Unlock unparalleled power potential in N54, N55, S55, B58, S58, S63, and N13 motors while preserving the sophistication of the original engine management program.

Our specialty lies in providing advanced custom mapping, catering to those with elevated performance requirements. Choose special flash options to integrate features such as fully adjustable exhaust burble, power per gear, and more. Refine your flash options to tailor features precisely to your preferences.

As an authorized MHD tuner, we deliver premium custom tuning services both locally and remotely through this app. Elevate your driving experience with personalized dyno tuning that maximizes the performance of your BMW engine.

Your MHD Tuning Dyno Tuning Specialists

Here’s just a handful of many MHD Tuning Dyno Tunes we’ve completed for our customers.

MHD Tuning OTS & Custom tuning available

Discover the advantages of the MHD service to optimize the capabilities of your BMW vehicle.

Dynamic Map Switching

Dynamic Map Configuration: You have the ability to designate four slots for a single stage, allowing real-time adjustments to fuel quality (such as switching between pump gas and a fixed ethanol blend like E30) and power levels expressed as a percentage per map slot. If the flex fuel option is enabled, provided the necessary hardware is in place, you can configure four pump gas maps for swift adjustments to the current pump gas quality at the time of refueling, without ethanol.

Beyond octane choices, a slider feature allows you to diminish the power output for each map. This proves beneficial for creating a customized valet map or a lower power setting for cruising. Power reduction can be fine-tuned from 100% down to 60%, in 5% increments. Consequently, assigning 60% to a map slot means that particular map will operate at only 60% of its usual power capacity.


Enables the rapid accumulation of a predetermined boost level while constraining acceleration, followed by a swift acceleration upon release. To engage antilag, press and hold the cruise control RES button on your steering wheel while applying significant throttle. Our antilag strategy dynamically adjusts the engine calibration to build up boost. Once the desired boost is achieved, release the button to unleash the acceleration. The time required to reach the boost target may vary based on your turbo, with even large upgraded turbos capable of reaching high boost levels within 1-2 seconds!

Safety measures are incorporated, including checks for coolant temperature, exhaust gas temperature (EGT), maximum duration per use, and a cooldown interval between uses. These parameters, along with the time delay after button press until antilag activation, are all configured with conservative values for users opting for the off-the-shelf (OTS) antilag flash option. OTS users will retain the ability to adjust the antilag boost target, with the maximum value contingent on the engine specifications.

Exhaust Burble

Now, you have the capability to configure the burble settings comprehensively for your primary Map 1, and subsequently fine-tune the aggressiveness and duration for all additional map slots. This allows for dynamic and on-the-go adjustments to the burble experience through our MHD+ Map Switch feature!