Redefine your driving experience with our Mercedes car tuning services

Looking to extract better performance from your Mercedes? Whether your vehicle is for city commuting or track racing, Tuned by Anton can help you customise and optimise your vehicle for the perfect driving experience.

Mercedes dyno tuning

Our products are curated from some of the most iconic names in the industry, including: Haltech and Link Engine Management.

As well as engine, transmission and Mercedes vehicle tuning, our Melbourne team also offers a full range of accessories, including:

  • Input and output connectors
  • Extensions
  • Controllers
  • Gauges
  • Dash mounts and more.

The Merc Process

Our team uses an in-house Mainline Dyno system to optimise every aspect of your vehicle, using custom settings designed for you and your driving needs. And we provide quality Mercedes ECU and TCU tuning systems to help you stay in control of your vehicle’s settings and free yourself from factory defaults. For the regular driver, our Mercedes Benz and AMG tuning also means better handling, better response times, great torque and higher horsepower. For the racer, professional or weekend warrior, we can also remove built-in speed limiters to get the most out of your vehicle and have you competition-ready on race day. Through this, we’ll improve your ignition, fuel and air supply to deliver more power to your vehicle, as well as a balance air to fuel ratio. Browse our range of products today and come in and speak to our expert team about how we can optimise your pride and joy. You will unlock a new driving experience through our tuning services and enjoy a much better ride as a result.