BMW car tuning for the Melbourne scene

You don’t need to be a car enthusiast or professional driver to customise and maximise the performance of your vehicle. In fact, we always encourage you to aim for the proper driving experience, when it comes toyour German-engineered vehicle – like the iconic BMW.Fresh from the dealership, your vehicle will come with a new car smell, but it will also have new car limitations, with all settings locked into to factory standards. At Tuned by Anton, we can optimise and customise all of these settings to deliver a vastly-improved driving experience.

BMW ECU and TCU tuning services

Our team have years of experience towards BMW dyno tuning, catering to vehicles for everyday drivers, all the way up to professional racers. In a nutshell, our automotive engine control units (ECU) and transmission control units (TCU) put the power back in your hands and will allow you to further customise down the track.

bmw 335i

Accessories and essentials for your BMW tuning needs

As well as engine and transmission BMW vehicle tuning, we also offer a full range of accessories across input and output connectors. Beyond this, you’ll also find extensions, controllers gauges, dash mounts and tidbits you’ll need to get the job done properly – all within our nifty collection. To deliver a premium service, we do all of the research onsite using our in-house Mainline Dyno system. We then customise all settings depending on the individual vehicle and the driver’s needs. Best of all, you’ll notice an immediate difference within your car, through improved ignition, fuel and air supply. Achieve the best possible torque and highest horsepower for your car, all the while tapping into air fuel ratio. Contact us today to discuss how we can get the most out of your vehicle with our BMW TCU and ECU tuning solutions in Melbourne.