Ford dyno tuning

This iconic name is one of the most-loved car manufacturers in Australia, with thousands of their vehicles hitting up our roads – especially across Melbourne. Whether you drive the popular staple – the Falcon – enjoy going off road in the Ranger or trying your hand at racing in a performance vehicle like a Mustang or a Focus, you can get more out of your ride through specialised Ford car tuning. At Tuned by Anton in Melbourne, we do all of the research and analysis onsite using our efficient Mainline Dyno system in-house. Through this, we customise all settings to suit your needs, objectives and the benchmark for your vehicle, giving you the best possible Ford vehicle tuning you can get your hands on. We also offer a range of engine control units – including Ford ECU and TCU tuning models. Our aim is to put the power back in your hands.

Trust a range of top-tier brand names in Ford TCU and ECU tuning

Enjoy features of high-powered Ford vehicle tuning that includes:

  • USB connection to your laptop for control
  • Waterproof casing,
  • Drive-by-wire throttle control
  • Auto-tune capabilities
  • Anti-lag and launch control
  • ESP calibration software
  • Multi-fuel support
  • Exhaust cam and;
  • Knock control.
Ford FG F6
Mustang Ecoboost

Our Process

From the get-go, our team will inspect every variable of your car, all the while using the best possible systems to dyno tune your systems. This will adjust and optimise the ignition, fuel supply and air supply, as well as allow for more torque and horsepower. In the end, we’ll deliver you optimal air fuel ratio that gives your vehicle more bang for its buck. Whether you are a town commuter, a bush basher or a racer – professional or budding – our solutions can improve your vehicle’s ride to suit your needs. Contact our experienced team now to find out how we can optimise your vehicle to deliver better handling and better performances, both now and well into the future.