Nissan tuning in Melbourne

Do you rely on your Pathfinder or X-Trail for the daily commute to work? Do you need your Navara or Patrol to work hard for you each and every time? Perhaps you need some extra punch from your GTR. Whatever purpose you have for your vehicle, Tuned by Anton can improve every aspect of your ride to ensure it is performing optimally for you. We do all of the research on every model ourselves on our in-house Nissan dyno tuning system and customise all settings depending on the vehicle and the driver’s needs.

High-quality Nissan car tuning

Our team offers a wide range of top-tier Nissan ECU and TCU tuning systems, allowing us to ensure your vehicle can be released from restricting factory settings. Some of the features included in our products are: USB connection to your laptop for control; waterproof casing; drive-by-wire throttle control; auto-tune capabilities; anti-lag and launch control; ESP calibration software; multi-fuel support; exhaust cam and knock control capabilities.

Nissan 180sx

Custom Nismo Tunes

At Tuned By Anton we will ensure that you get the customised and optimised settings for your ignition, fuel and air supply to deliver the best performance across the board. Enjoy optimal air to fuel ratio and maximised economy. Above all, we know each driver uses their car differently, that’s why we tailor your Nissan vehicle tuning specifically to suit how you drive. So whether you are looking for improved handling and fuel economy for the school drop-offs, or to break free of the shackles of factory speed limiters, we’re here to help. Contact us now to find out more about our Nissan TCU and ECU tuning services available across Melbourne.