Buy Audi vehicle tuning solutions, backed by a world-class reputation

Are you looking to boost the performance of your vehicle? Whether you want better fuel economy, improved handling or to extract that extra power locked away in your engine, Tuned by Anton is ready to kick it into top gear. We stock a wide range of automotive engine control units (ECU) and transmission control unit (TCU) kits that are designed to put the power back in your hands. To optimise and customise your setup, we also stock all of the input and output connectors you will need to get started – choose from Audi ECU tuning essentials like extensions, controllers, gauges, dash mounts and more.

Brands you trust across Audi TCU and ECU tuning

Our systems are curated from some of the best in the game. Choose from the likes of Haltech and Link ECU Engine Management. Best of all, our experienced team can release you from the factory settings in your current system and deliver performance you didn’t realise your vehicle was capable of – all through our specialised Audi car tuning solutions. As part of this service, we’ll also deliver improved performance, handling and response through, allowing you to get the most out of your transmission capabilities.

AUDI S3 2014
AUDI S3 2017

Our thorough Audi dyno tuning process in Melbourne

Our team will run the rule over every aspect of your vehicle using dyno tuning to adjust and optimise your ignition, fuel and air supply to deliver the best possible torque and highest horsepower for your car. And we’ll do all of this while maintaining optimal air fuel ratio.

We use state-of-the-art equipment to adjust your vehicle and are able to optimise all models across the Audi range, to the best possible specifications.

Contact the Tuned by Anton team today to realise what your car can really do, and enjoy a drastically improved driving experience now. Whether on the streets of Melbourne or the track at your local racing meet – we’re here to revolutionised your ride.