With two decades dedicated to tuning software development, EcuTek Technologies brings a wealth of experience. Fueled by a distinctive blend of skills, they have emerged as providers of highly technical products centered around engine management technology, catering to both the tuning industry and car enthusiasts.

Throughout the years, EcuTek has consistently expanded its product lineup to encompass a wide range of manufacturer vehicles, including Subaru, Toyota, BMW, Volkswagen, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Ford, and Nissan. Their software facilitates a genuine and seamless remapping of the standard ECU, offering versatile tools suitable for various circumstances.

EcuTek is the preferred choice for some of the most prominent names in the tuning world, including Cosworth, Edelbrock, Isuzu, Mitsubishi, Mountune, Prodrive, Sprintex, Subaru, Vortech, and more.

We take pride in being an Australian EcuTek tuner, offering the service of utilizing this high-quality software.

ECUTEK Special Features

Flex Fuel

No need to fret about ethanol calculations in your tank anymore; our RaceROM self-adjusting flex-fuel system takes care of it effortlessly. Simply install a CANbus-enabled Flex Fuel sensor, and you’re good to go. Regardless of the ethanol content in your tank, the tuning will automatically adapt to ensure optimal performance. Additionally, built-in fail-safes are in place to safeguard your engine in case of sensor failure. Connect with ECU Connect or utilize the Sports Display to view the current ethanol blend. You can easily perform a quick check while stationary by pressing the cruise control button to sweep the tacho needle and display ethanol percentage, up to 70%.

Four-way Mode Switching

Switch effortlessly between four distinct modes with ECU Connect on your mobile device. Choose from options such as Track Mode, Fast Road Mode, E85 Mode, and Economy Mode. You have the flexibility to customize the setup for each mode according to your preferences.

Take control of your maximum boost pressure and/or maximum torque in each mode using the RaceROM Boost controller. Easily make adjustments using either the cruise control or the ECU Connect interface.

One-Touch AntiLag/Rolling Launch

Engage in roll racing effortlessly with the Rolling Launch feature, accessible at the touch of a button. Activate Rolling Launch by entering the map switch mode. Hold down the cruise control set button to build boost, adjust your speed using the accelerator pedal to match your opponent, and once ready, release the set button to experience the thrill. Ensure system reliability by configuring activation time limits, temperature limits, and a minimum re-arm time.

RaceROM Burble

Toggle seamlessly between a spectrum of soft to hard burble options on the go, or opt to disable it entirely in Sport mode for a completely stealthy experience.

RaceROM Sequential Port Injection controller

Leverage the Motiv Motorsport Reflex Box to easily integrate aftermarket port injectors. Unleash the power of larger turbos and fuel pumps, optimizing the performance of your modifications for maximum output.

Valet Mode

Activate a low-power mode for the car, restricting both speed and range. This can serve as a security measure or to limit the vehicle when entrusted to a third party. Despite the low-power setting, all four Map Switch modes remain accessible, providing you with the flexibility to choose your preferred setups.

Live Boost Adjustment

Once your tuner has configured this in the tune, you have the capability to dynamically adjust your boost using the ECU Connect app in real-time.

Adjustable Launch Control with BOTL

Dynamically adjust the launch RPM in real-time using either the cruise-control switchgear or the ECU Connect app. The Boost-off-the-line (BOTL) feature empowers you to customize the boost pressure for launch as per your preference. Once configured by your tuner, utilize your smartphone with the ECU Connect app to make live adjustments to the boost for BOTL. This functionality can be enabled in any map switch mode.

Flat-foot Shift

Achieve full-throttle gearshifts by minimizing engine torque and managing engine speed during the gear change. A clutch switch is necessary for this process.

Launch Control

Fine-tune the launch control RPM by using a slider on your mobile device. This feature proves particularly useful for cars without cruise control installed.

Traction Control – Enable Full Track Mode

Utilizing ECU Connect eliminates the need for a pedal dance to deactivate all driver aids, making it a swift and effortless process to switch the car into track mode